Call for bid

“Back to Human Contact”

Competition announcement for production of three murals at the ECSA Group headquarters in Balerna

ECSA Group, in collaboration with the Artrust SA art gallery, announces a competition for emerging writers and street artists for the creation of three murals at its headquarters in Balerna. Projects must express, in the forms the artists deem most appropriate, the theme “Back to Human Contact”, with reference to the rediscovery of human contact and its importance in human relationships following the pandemic. Participation is open to female artists of any nationality. 


  • The promoter of the competition is ECSA Group, based in Via L. Favre 16, CH-6828 Balerna (TI) – Switzerland.

Purpose of the notice 

  • The purpose of the notice is selection of three design ideas for three murals to be painted out on portions of the external walls of the ECSA Group headquarters in Balerna, located in front of the railway and therefore with high visibility (see Attachment A for photos and measurements).
  • ECSA Group reserves the right to revoke, modify, suspend or extend this notice at any time. Conducting this procedure does not constitute an obligation for the ECSA Group to proceed with the subsequent production of the works.

Participation requirements 

  • Artists – single or together in a group or collective – of any nationality or origin who can demonstrate at least a minimal degree of experience in the creation of mural paintings or other urban projects, with presentation of appropriate documentation, are eligible to participate in the selection.
  • The project idea must be unpublished, never implemented or presented in other competitions. A declaration to this effect must be made and duly signed by each competitor.
  • Participants can enter only one project in the competition.

Terms and conditions for participation 

  • Submissions must be received by July 30, 2022, exclusively in digital form, by completing all parts of the registration form published on the web page:
  • Submissions must be accompanied by:
    • Curriculum vitae / portfolio or other documentation attesting to previous completion of other murals, through photographic images or published reviews.
    • Proposal for the artwork, in the form of text and graphic drawings containing: a description of the project content, a technical description, sketches, a rendering (if possible using the materials made available in Annex A). 
    • A detailed list of the materials required for the production of the work, including quantities and RAL colour codes, selected from those made available by ECSA Group (listed in Annex B).
  • Applications submitted in ways other than those indicated above (sent by post, or as a wetransfer file, googledocs, dropbox, etc.) will not be considered.

Selection process 

  • The body in charge of the process of selection and identification of the three winning projects is a Jury composed of:
    • Nevercrew, Ticino street artist duo
    • Luca Zingone, CMO of ECSA Group
    • Patrizia Cattaneo Moresi, Director of Artrust SA
    • Nicholas Felappi, Head of the Culture Department of the Municipality of Balerna
  • The artists who submitted the projects selected at the Jury’s discretion will be notified by August 30, 2022. At this point, the winners must guarantee their availability (following contact and subsequent direct agreements with the promoter) to produce the work in the months of September / October.

Prizes and expense refunds

  • The authors of the project ideas selected by the Jury will receive a sum of 2’000 CHF as a prize, which will be paid upon completion of the work, within 10/15 working days.
  • The organiser will be responsible, under direct agreements with the authors, for:
    • Covering the travel and transportation costs incurred to reach the place of creation of the work (for a maximum of 2 people).
    • Providing board and lodging for the days necessary for the creation of the work (costs will be covered for a maximum of 2 people and for a maximum duration of 7 days), through specific agreements with hotels and restaurants in the area.
    • Providing, free of charge, the materials identified at the time of submission of the project proposal, selected exclusively from those listed in Annex B.
      • The purchase of any additional materials not present in the list or not identified in the presentation of the project will be considered the responsibility of the artist.

For any questions and requests for clarification regarding this announcement, please contact the Administrative Office at the email address or by phone at +41 582119750.